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3R Net FTP and WWW Product Specific Terms and Conditions

Orders will not be processed without signed agreement to these product-specific terms and conditions, in addition to our Standard Terms and Conditions.

The customer specifically understands and agrees to each of the following:

  1. Not to go over and above the pre-purchased limit, the service is restricted in the amount of web space in Megabytes and ftp bandwidth in Gigabytes transferred per year to only that purchased, if this agreed limit is exceeded then the customer becomes liable for all additional costs, as per 3R Net’s standard pricelist.
  2. Not use the space to store or provide access to pirate software of a third party’s products or services, including commercial links or adult verification systems.
  3. Not to allow access to any content of an adult nature without displaying on the site a warning page as to the exact content of the site.
  4. Not to use any server-side CGI or other program(s) other than those specifically placed by 3R Net into the main cgi-bin directory without the specific prior written and signed consent of 3R Net.
  5. Not to resell web space to any third party.
  6. Not to disclose any 3R Net password to a third party. Should a requirement for a third party, (such as a web designer) to access the site; then 3R Net will supply the password directly to the party and only after receipt of a specific request made in writing on company letter headed paper.
  7. To be responsible for keeping backups of all data, and that 3R Net is not responsible for loss of data howsoever caused.
  8. To ensure that data offered in web or ftp space does not break any UK, or EC laws or any applicable law in the customers home country, and to acknowledge full responsibility for ensuring the same.
  9. That 3R Net are not responsible for any downtime resulting from the transfer or registration of a domain name outside of our control.
  10. That any GUI / log file statistics for my site are provided as a free service and errors and omissions are accepted.
  11. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT at 17.5% - VAT must be added onto to all standing order mandates.

By signing the customer agrees to abide by these Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Usage Policies of 3R Net.  The Conditions of payment and contract times as indicated above are in addition to the Standard Terms and Conditions.  These are available on our web site or on application.