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Case Studies

1. Nibley House

The Brief: to supply broadband to this property and make this accessible to several users.

The challenge: Nibley House is a large and lovely Grade II-listed property in unspoiled remote spot of England. It is, however, several miles from the nearest BT exchange and with a limited number of phone lines onto the property. Much of the cabling in the house was pre-WWII, originality had to be preserved, and many walls are several feet thick (making wireless connectivity difficult or impossible).

The Results:

  • we replaced all the original, pre WWII, cabling for the phone lines with new cabling. This was 100 yards of cable which had to be taken through rooms, ceilings, outhouses, nooks and crannies in order to minimise the damage we would have to do to the house.
  • we replastered and redecorated the areas in which we had caused damage either with the removal of the old cabling or insertion of the new. In several places the results were a great improvement on what they had been!
  • we relocated phone points to allow for later expansion and alterations (to fit in with development plans we knew they had.

2. A Business Trip to China

The brief: to allow a client to go to China while remaining in full touch with his office and emails.

The challenge: our client used a Blackberry with email and Blackberry Enterprise.. In China, though, you cannot access email on a Blackberry, so he had to look for a 3G blackberry. Unfortunately, the Blackberry can't display Chinese characters so they all showed as black boxes.

The results: Richard of 3RNet talked him through the process while the client was out in China.