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Online Backup

Hands-free, totally secure online backup

Never worry about data loss again

You may only truly realise the beauty of secure, reliable and automated back-ups when disaster strikes, but we would like to emphasise its importance right now, before that day actually comes.

How secure are you now?

If you lost your data, or even part of it, how many days would it put you back?  If you are using tapes, then you are relying on human efficiency, staff honesty, magnetic tapes and tape drives for your business integrity.  How secure do you feel about that?

So many moving parts, so many ways to go wrong – and not only a substantial initial cost for tape equipment, but on-going costs for replacement tapes and equipment repairs.  Add to this the number of man-hours it takes out of the business month to achieve all of this, and is this really the best way to spend your money?

How we can help make your data security simple

You can have total data security, instant data restores and a simple pricing approach with online backup; and with 3RNet you also have the assurance of our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our disk-to-disk backup solutions provide fully encrypted, automatic and daily backup, recovery and storage - ensuring the highest levels of data protection for individuals, SMEs and enterprises.  Your data is automatically backed up each day to our mirrored, offsite data centres, and recoverable with just a few clicks of a mouse.

It couldn’t be simpler, or safer.

Your next step towards data security

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