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3R Net SMTP Mail Feed Terms and Conditions

Orders will not be processed without signed agreement to these product-specific terms and conditions, in addition to our Standard Terms and Conditions.

The customer specifically understands and agrees to each of the following:

  1. To ensure that a customer technical contact will need to liaise with the 3R Net when this service is set up, and that this contact has a good working knowledge of SMTP and Internet Mail. Furthermore, to be additionally invoiced if we provide excessive or extensive set-up support during this time. (3R Net will advise of charges prior to and at the time of that support being delivered)
  2. To a minimum contract duration of one year every year, and that failure to notify 3R Net to a intention to discontinue services at least one month prior to the automatic renewal of a new contract duration will incur the full liability for this new period.
  3. That 3R Net are not responsible for any loss of mail resulting from the transfer or registration of any domain.
  4. That mail account(s) are not to be used for the sending of bulk or unsolicited emails for any reason whatsoever, and failure to comply and / or adhere to this term will automatically result in service suspension without further notice.
  5. Not to send email or post articles with headers modified in such a way as to disguise the true source of any communication, and to ensure that a real email address is present and obvious to a human.
  6. Not to email any person who has specifically instructed or requested otherwise. This applies to any automated mail system utilised.
  7. That if new, additional, or other amendments are required to mail mapping or aliases subsequent to the initial set-up, additional charges may apply.
  8. Not to relay mail on behalf of any third party under any circumstances whatsoever, failure to comply and / or adhere to this term will automatically result in service suspension without further notice.
  9. That SMTP mail feeds are normally set-up Monday to Thursday only, and that if I require a specific day(s) for any mail changeover that this will be mutually agreed in advance.

By signing I agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Usage Policies of 3R Net. The Conditions of payment and contract durations as indicated above are in addition to the Standard Terms and Conditions. These are available on our web site or on application.