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3R Net Environmental Policy

3R Net will be active in its environmental work for the purpose of constantly improving the environment in a way that is economically and commercially viable.  We are convinced that this will make our company more attractive to employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders.

To the greatest possible extent, 3R Net takes part in various recycling systems so that it can be an active participant in the sustainable society.

Currently, 3R Net seeks to use technology that makes efficient use of energy.  This includes low energy light bulbs and IT equipment with automatic power cut-off functions.  In addition, all office waste-products are sorted and recycled as far as possible.

In taking environmental aspects into consideration, 3R Net prefers to purchase supplies from those suppliers who respect the environment.  Specifically, we look for suppliers that carry the sign of the swan (or other environmental guarantees).

3R Net regularly informs and involves all employees in its environmental work so that they can act in an environmentally responsible manner.  An example of this is the encouragement of using public transport or walking wherever possible.  In addition, we reduce our paper consumption as far as possible through the use of email and Internet technology.

3R Net regularly reviews its environmental work and policies.