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3R Net Dial-Up and Global Roaming Internet Access T&Cs

Orders will not be processed without signed agreement to these product specific terms and conditions, in addition to our Standard Terms and Conditions.

The customer specifically understands and agrees to each of the following:

1. Single Access Accounts

a. I understand that this is a single access account and that if I try to authenticate simultaneous users I will be in breach of the 3R Net Terms and Conditions.
b. I understand that the minimum contract time is twelve months, every twelve months, and that failure to notify 3R Net a minimum of one month prior to the commencement of a new twelve month period will render me liable for that twelve month period.
c. I understand that I should never disclose any of my passwords to a third party. Should I require a third party, such as a Technical Consultant to have access to my account then 3R Net will supply the password to the third party on receipt of a request in writing on company headed paper.

2. Routed Solutions

I understand that 3R Net will hold all router access passwords if such a device is supplied. Should I require these details then I agree to take full responsibility for any problems that may arise due to configuration of the router, and may be liable for time related charges for technical support on this device if required.

3. Fixed IPs

IP address allocations are valid as long as the criteria for the original assignment are met and remain valid only for the duration of the contractual agreement between customers and 3R Net who have at all times the right to re-assign the IP address space to another user upon completion and/or termination of the agreement or for the technical reasons giving three month’s notice.


a. I understand that I will be liable for any additional charges incurred through the usage of the GRIC global roaming facility, and that these charges will be debited from my credit card.  I will supply a PO to authorize these charges.  I understand that while in the UK I should not access the Internet through the GRIC Dialler or I will be liable for additional charges.
b. I understand that 3R Net cannot be held liable for any connectivity failures or failures in the provision of service by other GRIC alliance members.
c. I understand that if I would like any usernames, password changes (specifically for roaming accounts, but not exclusively), that I may be liable to an administration charge.  Please contact your account manger for details.
d. I understand that whilst connecting abroad with GRIC I should contact the Technical Support Department of the ISP I am connecting with if I have problems. (Please note that whilst using the global roaming facility, you will be liable to call charges at the local rate in the country that you are connecting.  3R Net will bill you quarterly 20 pence per connection and 6 pence per minute connected whilst online).
e. I understand that the prices quoted on this form for roaming access are correct at the time this form is dispatched, and that these charges may vary over time.

By agreeing to abide by the Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Usage Policies of 3R Net. The conditions of payment and contract times as indicated above are in addition to the Standard Terms and Conditions. These are available on our website or on application.